Solent has a versatile and highly experienced sales team with extensive knowledge and training for servicing both local, regional markets and international markets. Our team is young, highly skilled and fluent in English, Spanish, Russian and Italian. We offer personalized services and stay in constant, frequent communication with our clients. We leverage established client relationships for maximum purchasing power and to reduce operating costs, thereby enabling us to provide our clients with high quality, cost-effective services. This, in turn, enables our clients to maximize their revenues and market share.

Our sales and marketing services are individually tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. We offer value-added, integrated services far beyond a typical GSSA provider, thus acting as a partner to our clients.

  • Proactive sales solicitation and outside sales
  • Complete customer service from beginning to the end of the sales cycle
  • Public relations and advertising
  • Development of special market promotions for flights, products or routes
  • Market research and planning
  • Development of innovative marketing strategies
  • Implementation of marketing promotions and campaigns
  • Flown-as-booked confirmation
  • Reservation and tracking and tracing of shipments
  • Competitive reviews
  • Distribution of traffic documents
  • Accounting and collections
  • Negotiating the use of airport facilities
  • Handling arrangements for usage
  • Travel and attendance of cargo conferences

Solent employs a quantitative approach to measuring sales and marketing success, using international trade publications, surveys and statistics. We forecast and research industry trends while monitoring both financial markets and shipping movements in the industry. We stay up to date daily on exchange rates and all monetary changes within our markets to offer our clients the most relevant and latest data to make informed decisions. This enables us to offer the most competitive products and rates to our clients to international destinations.

Our effective sales management process enables us to control the cost of sales while maximizing revenues. We develop a sales plan for each assigned account to sell our clients’ products. We then establish territory sales goals and employ negotiating strategies to achieve these goals.

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