Solent Live animals and Express Perishable division or Solent PER specializes in the handling of pharma, live animals, fertilized hatching eggs and flowers. We deliver personalized cargo services to our clients throughout the world as an import-export and transit freight forwarding company since 1994.

We have over 20 years of experience assisting clients in developing, implementing and managing solutions to address unique challenges. Over this period, we have developed strong business partnerships and a comprehensive logistics network in collaboration with airlines, ocean carriers, and trucking companies. These exclusive relationships and experience have enabled us to offer consistent high quality and integrated management solutions efficiently, competitively and professionally.

Pre Shipment:

  • Preparation and approval of pre-export documents such as permits, certificates of origin and shipping orders
  • Coordination with carriers and exporters
  • Load preparation such as packaging, pallets and strapping
  • Appropriating warehouses
  • Consolidations


  • Air transport space confirmation for both domestic and international booking
  • Inland transportation to the port and cargo handling for perishable goods
  • Approval and clearance of B/L’s and airway bills
  • Domestic and international shipping for express, confirmed, and must-ride orders


  • Coordination of foreign cargo through agents and consignees
  • Internal transportation on arrival
  • Warehousing and distribution at the destination

With more than a decade of ground experience handling cargo and offering personalized services throughout the world, our professional staff creates tailored services and logistics for specific client needs.

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